Our resident bronze Javelinas soaking up the sun  

Javelina offspring are reddish in color with a dark stripe down the back from 0-3 months in age and are often referred to as “reds.”  They stop nursing after 3 months.  Javelina can live 15-20 years.

Good morning from the Red Rock Visitor Center

It’s a beautiful morning here at the Red Rock Visitor Center!

February at the Red Rock Ranger Station

Birds, Birds and more Birds!

We offer lots of opportunities to walk with the birds as the weather gets warmer!  Check it out.

Two events on the same day!

We’ve got lots of events for you to do!  A Nature Hike or if you’re into learning to take some amazing photos you can go on the Red Rock Photo Hike!

Leave No Trace Interactive Education Station

A little Valentines Day love for the landscape!

Boynton Canyon Guided Hikes

We have two of these coming up in February!  Click on the image to take you to our Facebook page

A bit of ANHA history